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AAR - Andy's Airgun Review

Brand Design including: Logo, Social Media Setup & Website Design

In 2017 Andy came to us with the idea to produce high-quality videos for online airgun reviews. Something that due to the context of the sport, had never been achieved before. A lot of the current competition used traditional methods and poor quality production, something that Andy believed he could do better. In the same year, we developed a brand design based on Andy as the public image. Building on a military-style design using AAR or Andy's Airgun Reviews.

As AAR became closer to release, we ran through 1-to-1 tutelage of how social media worked, along with what equipment and how to use it to produce the best quality video. We designed the logo based on a draft design by Andy himself. This was then animated for his youtube intro as his sting.

In 2018 Andy's channel was subjected to the great YouTube Purge that wiped out a large amount of airgun related channels. Since then the channel has grown in strength, amassing a cult-like following.

In 2020, we developed a website and online merchandise store for AAR to satisfy the desires of his fans for having the same apparel Andy was now wearing in his videos.

AAR is now one of the most popular airgun channels on youtube with nearly 100 thousand subscribers.

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